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EsselWorld situated in the Gorai Area of Mumbai, is said to be the largest Amusement park in the country. The Water Kingdom is located inside the amusement park is again considered to be the largest theme water parks in Asia. It Spread across an area of around 64 acres, Essel World possess of around 71 attractive Entertainment Rides designed for all age groups.

Location: Gorai Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091

Timings: 10.30 am to 6.30 pm daily. However, hours might differ on weekends.

Price and Passes:

Essel World

Adults (Height above 4’6″) – INR 885

Children (Height between 3’3″ and 4’6″) – INR 649

Senior Citizen – INR 378

Water Kingdom

Adults (Height above 4’6″) – INR 920

Children (Height between 3’3″ and 4’6″) – INR 649

Senior Citizen – INR 378

Combined Ticket for Essel World and Water Kingdom

Adults (Height above 4’6″) – INR 1198

Children (Height between 3’3″ and 4’6″) – INR 826

Senior Citizen – INR 555

Annual Pass

Adults (Height above 4’6″) – INR 1474

Children (Height between 3’3″ and 4’6″) – INR 1198

Amusement Rides

This rides depending on the age and height requirements. There are rides for children, for teenagers and adults and for the entire family to choose from. Some of these are the adventurous kinds and get your adrenaline pumping in no time. There are 12 adventurous rides, 17 rides suitable for children and 19 rides apt for families to enjoy together.

Horror Ride

This is scariest ride ever. It is named Monster in the Mist and is a perfect ride for those who love the thrill of getting freaked out by images coming straight out of horror movies. The ride lasts barely for 7 minutes but is a great experience to have. It will take you through a dark, misty and foggy lane that is filled with excitement. The top class audio and brilliant animatronics only add to the atmosphere created in the dark lane and scream as much as you want, but do not miss this ride.

The Family Rides

It is a rollercoaster ride which will make your heart skip a beat when it will speed down a 55 ft high steep track into a cool pool of water leaving you completely drenched.

The Children Rides

The children’s rides include 15 fun filled and less scary rides. Junior Go Carting, Big Apple, Nataraj Caterpillar, and Play Pot are the most popular ones. The Natraj Mini Tele combat also makes among the much-loved children rides. It’s a whole lot of fun for children to sit in these fighter planes while attacking and firing at each other. Children’s boat ride makes children feel like sailors on an adventure trip.

Water Kingdom

The Water Kingdom is a state of the art water park located right next to Essel World and is well equipped with various amusement rides and one of the largest wave pools in the country. The Wave Pool stretches to a length to 100 meters and its cool blue expanses welcome young old alike with its undulating water currents. There are various thrill rides, roller coasters, and even a rain dance zone. Tickets for the Water Kingdom can be booked on their website and are separate from the entry for Essel World.

Water Kingdom is the counterpart of Essel World that has only water rides. Water rides, water, slides, wave-pool, fountains, swimming pool, the lagoon or the aqua play pool etc. Water rides have several themes like the Elephant Safari and the Serpent Safari. The wave-pool is the largest in India and has clear blue water, latest wave technology and lush green landscaped gardens around. The lagoon occupies over 30,000 square feet of area and is a perfect area to relax in the water

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Essel World and Water Kingdom is in between September and June to avoid the heavy Mumbai monsoons and make the most of the rides closes. Water Kingdom especially is best during the summers in between March and June.

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