Elephanta Caves Tours


Elephanta Caves

Location: Gharapuri, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday Closed)

Price: INR 40 for Indian Tourists and INR 250 for Foreigners

Distance: 21.8 Km via Eastern Highway

Elephanta Caves is situated on Elephanta Island about 7 km from Mumbai’s mainland shore. The caves can be reached by an approx. 1 hour boat ride from Gateway of India.

The Elephanta Caves is also called Gharapurichi Leni, located on Elephanta Island in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The whole cave temple complex area is about 60000 sq ft and boasts of the central chamber, two lateral ones, many subsidiary shrines, and courtyards. Also, there are three passages to the temple complex. The entire location is built from solid natural rock with intricately carved sculptures of idols.

The Elephanta Caves are among the most beautiful, historically significant attractions in Mumbai. Situated on an island off the coast, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features multiple rock-hewn cave temples and statues dating back to around the 7 th century AD, including a celebrated statue of Shiva in his three-faced form.

Attractions in Elephanta Caves:

1. Archaeological Museum – We can observe ancient items related to Elephanta Island in this small archaeological museum. The first hall presents the narrations of the displays in Elephanta. The next gallery shows a plethora of black and white photographs of other rock-cut temple architecture of India. Visitors can also see the heritage attractions featuring large maps and a number of other details in another hall.

2. Cannon Trek – Elephanta caves are also popular for some trekking grounds. One can trek here to reach one of the two canons situated near Elephanta Caves. You need to hike a narrow path to reach the canons.

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