Colaba Causeway Market


Colaba Causeway market

Location: Colaba Causeway market is located at Bakery Ln, Army Area, Nofra, Navy Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400005

Entrance Fee: No fee

Opening Hour: Daily from morning until night.

What to Buy Here: Handicrafts, books, junk jewelry, crystals, brass items, incense, clothes.

Colaba is a very happening and charming place in Mumbai. It has something for everyone: shopping enthusiasts, foodies, tourists, architecture lovers, and even for people looking for a glimpse of BOMBAY. Take some time out and explore Mumbai’s most iconic & eclectic street market, Colaba Causeway.

The place is almost always crowded with shoppers and vendors. Most of the stuff sold on the pavement is fake or cheap imitation. You can better stuff elsewhere. Be careful with your wallet and mobile phone while walking as the place is notorious for pick pockets.

It is a buzz of activity with shops and pavement stalls sell trinkets, bangles, handicrafts, clothes, books and jewelry. It’s a friendly bustling place with cafes and bars abounding.

This is amazing and you will be mesmerized by the Hustle and bustle of the city this place is very good when it comes to shopping

This is a place where you can get stuff from unique to modern. Also, stuff here are different from other markets. Just make sure you know to bargain smartly

One can have a good time shopping in this place. clothes, accessories, handbags everything at the best price and huge range of products are available.

If you know how to bargain, then Colaba Causeway Market is the place for you. They quote higher prices when tourists come asking but the rule is haggling for half the price, and from there negotiate. You’ll be surprised how much lower they go especially if you pretend you are going away. I also encountered a seller who initially quoted a price, then I haggled for half the price. In the end, he asked me how much I was willing to pay for the merchandise, and so I quoted my price. I got what I wanted. I guess it helped that I have been in the Ajanta Caves where I saw the same merchandise (stone candle holders) and knew exactly how much they are worth. So, my suggestion is to go around the market first and ask for the prices before deciding to buy.

This is one of the prominent places in south Mumbai and well known among the locals as well as the tourist for street shopping. One can easily reach this place via public and private transportation. The nearest station being CST. As for private transport is considered, the entire onus of parking would be left to the owners itself which is a bit challenging given the fact the streets are arrow and extremely crowded. Weekends are the best time to visit this place in case you happen to be a shopping fanatic and you have plenty of options in terms of clothes, food, shoes etc. Ensure that you carry a lot of cash as most of the shopping will be done using cash and no digital payments. One thing that you need to ensure is you have to bargain heavily to get your stuff at a good price as the shopkeepers will always quote at a very high initial price. Unfortunately, thing have changed over the past few years as the crowds have dwindled a lot, thanks to the upcoming of malls, online shopping etc. But in any case, if you are still interested in experiencing the joy of bargaining and street shopping and you happen to be in and around south Mumbai, then this would be an ideal place to visit.

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