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Dharavi, Largest slum in Asia

Largest Slum in Asia

Distance from Mumbai: Dharavi Slum is located at 9.3 km from Mumbai Airport.

Entrance Fee: No Fee

Location: Dharavi, Mumbai

Timings: Always open

Dharavi which is one of the largest slums in Asia. Dharavi economic output is estimated to be approximately 1 billion US dollars annually much of that revenue is generated by the recycling industry.

Mumbai, they produce over 6,500 tons of garbage every single day over 85% of that waste is recycled.

Dharavi is an economic powerhouse in the middle of Mumbai, as an industrial center with small-scale manufacturing, Dharavi is home to over 1 million people.

It has many thriving small scale industries that produce Plastic Recycling, export quality leather goods, pottery, embroidered garments and many as such.

People from all over India have come to live in Dharavi, making it a community of India. This diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques, churches, and pagodas that stand side by side.

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